• Breakfast

  • Ambiance and Function

    Get lost in the history or function fully with the convenience of our in room Wi-Fi

  • Sun Kissed Rooms

    Comfortable and cheery rooms that bring an ambiance often lost at hotels.

  • Traditional, Deluxe, or Luxury Rooms

    Choosing any of our rooms will bring an experience all it's own.

Augusta Room

Traditional Rooms

Our Traditional Rooms include the Augusta, the Beatrice, the Caroline, and the Sophie Room.
Victoria Room

Deluxe Rooms

Our Deluxe Rooms include the Alfred, the Louise, and the Victoria Rooms.
Pauline Room

Luxury Rooms

Our Luxury Rooms include the Pauline, the Arthur, the Edward, and the Leopold Rooms.

  • Victorian Ladies Inn is a Certificate of Excellence winner! We are one of the top 10% of all businesses on TripAdvisor.